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Updated: June 12, 2024

Plinko game is actively gaining popularity in modern gaming, which has already once conquered the players of TV shows in America and half of the world. And now with the advent of digitalization, it again excites players around the world. Below consider popular Plinko games for money and their free versions, as well as strategies and official casino sites where you can play Plinko online.

Bonus: от 10000х

Pine of Plinko 2

Pine of Plinko 2 is different from the classic version of the Plinko game. Initially, the game is a slot with reels that you need to spin and collect matches in combinations. Slot machine Pine of Plinko 2, in addition to the usual slot machine has a bonus game feature. If the field falls 3 scatter, Bonus Plinko round with big wins is launched. During the bonus game you are given balls that are launched across the playing field, just like in the classic Plinko game. Depending on the cell the ball hits, the corresponding prize is given out. Also, during the rolling of the ball on the field, energy is accumulated when it comes into contact with the blue pegs. When the maximum energy is reached, the player gets a new level and an additional number of balls (10 pieces) to drop on the field. Also, there is a chance to drop a golden ball, which will increase your prize by 10,000 times.


  • Modern graphics
  • Bonus rounds
  • High winnings
Minimum bet: от 0.1$

Turbo Plinko

The visuals of Turbo Plinko are inspired by the movie “Tron: Legacy”, the color background and the location of the game reminds a frame from this movie. And instead of balls, we launch disks that the main characters fought with. In the classic concept of the game added the ability to change the number of levels with columns, which will hit the disks, changing their direction. The number of levels can be changed from 8 to 16. Depending on the increase in the level, increases the size of the reward on the edge cells. At level 16, your bet, when the disk hits the edge cell, will increase in 1000 times. The range of possible bets here is small and varies from 0.1$ to 10$. In Turbo Plinko there is no possibility to run each disk separately. They are launched simultaneously in groups of 5 to 10 disks, the size of the group can be adjusted separately in increments of one disk. To the disadvantage can be attributed to the lack of a scale showing the winnings. But in order to find out if this game is suitable for you, you can test it in demo mode, where the player is available 1000 game dollars.


  • Demo mode
  • Minimum bet from 0.1$
  • Ability to customize the number of posts
Chance of Bonus Ball: 10%

Take My Plinko

The game Take My Plinko is developed in the setting of the popular animated satirical series Take My Muffin. Instead of the usual cells, the balls fall on the characters of the show, and instead of columns, the trajectory the trajectory of the balls is changed by cupcakes. By mechanics it is a classic Plinko game. Some of the features here are the opportunity to knock out a bonus ball (Psycho Booger), which, depending on the level of play can multiply your winnings by x2, x5, x10 times. You can play with a bet from 0.1$ to a maximum of 100$. It is possible to run an automatic reset balls at a choice of 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 balls simultaneously to speed up the game process. In demo mode player has access to $1,000 to study the gameplay.


  • Demo mode
  • Automatic game mode
  • Bonus balls
  • Large range of bet selection
Maximum coefficient: 3623х

Plinko by Hacksaw Gaming

The largest provider of casino games Hacksaw Gaming has developed its own version of Plinko, which can be played at CAT CASINO. The developer has provided a minimalistic version of the game, with three levels of risk and the ability to adjust the number of rows, from 8 to 16. With the increase in rows and depending on the level of risk, on the edge cells, increases the multiplication factor of the bet. At high level of risk and the maximum number of rows, when the ball hits the edge cell, the rate will be multiplied 3623 times. The bet range varies from 0.1 € to a maximum of 100 €. In addition to manual launch of balls, you can use the automatic mode. Here you can choose the number of simultaneously dropped balls from 10 to 1000. The peculiarity of the automatic mode, in this game, is the ability to set the limits of loss and one-time winnings. So, when you reach the limit, the automatic drop balls will stop. And you will be able to stop the game without spending your deposit. To test the game, in demo mode, players are given an account with virtual 5000 €.


  • The ability to set limits in auto mode
  • Demo mode
  • Large betting range
  • Ability to customize the number of posts

Plinko XY

Plinko XY game is divided into two sectors, the right side is the playing field itself, and the left half is allocated for statistics of moves, with the indication of time, bet, the size of winnings and profit from the current move. Such detailed statistics is valued by professional players, as it can be used to calculate the approximate pattern of falling out of this or that cell. The peculiarity of the game is that when playing at a low risk level and with a minimum number of games, there will be only one losing cell with a multiplication of the bet by 0.5. The rest will only increase the player’s bet or remain equal to it. Otherwise, this is a classic game with the ability to multiply your bet by 1000 times, when choosing a high risk level and 16 lines of columns. In the automatic mode, you can run balls from 10 to 1000 pieces. It is possible to play on the cryptocurrency FUNToken, the range of betting choices from 1 to 100 FUN. In demo mode is available 1000 FUNToken, which is definitely enough to test the game.


  • Mode with only one losing cell
  • Detailed game statistics
  • Demo mode
  • Large betting range

Plinko by BGaming

Casino games provider BGaming has developed its own version of the game Plinko. In the classic version of the game Plinko, from the developer of casino games BGaming, a version of which can be played in CAT CASINO, is presented all the basic functionality. Such as: the ability to change the number of rows, from 8 to 16, the ability to choose the level of risk, in order to increase the size of the winnings when the ball hits the edge cell. Set automatic reset balls from 10 to 1000. The widest range of bets, allows you to play for amounts from 1 to 100 FUN (cryptocurrency FUNToken, is the currency of the game).

Among experienced players, the version of the game from this developer is very popular. Since there is a detailed graph with all the moves of the player, on which you can build your strategy game. So even at the easiest level of the game, with eight bars with bars, there will be only one losing cell, with a coefficient of 0.5. This configuration is perfectly combined with one of the popular strategies of the game. And to test the compatibility of the strategy with this game, you can use the demo mode, where 1000 FUN will be available.

Benefits of the game:

  • Mode with only one losing cell
  • Demo mode
  • Detailed win statistics
  • Ability to customize the number of columns

Golden Plinko

For those who are captivated by Chinese culture, it will be much more interesting to play Plinko in the setting of ancient China. And Golden Plinko gives such an opportunity to plunge into the game under the relaxing melody and tunes of Chinese musical instruments. Instead of balls players will have to launch ancient coins. Depending on the metal of the launched coin, copper, silver, gold, will change the level of play and naturally the coefficient of winning cells. A feature of the game will be a toad of luck, which is located in the middle of all the cells.  Once on it, activates the game bonus, which triggers additional coins. Otherwise, this is a classic Plinko game, in which the game currency is FUNToken. And the demo mode gives 100000 FUN for players who are not ready to play for money.

Advantages of the game:

  • Ability to customize the number of posts
  • Bonus in the game
  • Demo mode
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Birth of a Legend

Birth of a Legend

Price is Right is a TV show that consists of various games played by viewers with the possibility of winning money. On January 3, 1983, the game Plinko, created by Frank Wayne, the executive producer of this TV show, was born.

Home version of the game

Home version of the game

After a surge in popularity, Hasbro bought the patent for the production of this game, in the format of a wooden board toy, under the trademark Price is Right. After that, thousands of children around the world became fans of the Plinko game.

Great Luck

Great Luck

In 1996, a native of the state of Kansas Martin Harris, favored by unknown luck. On the show Price is Right playing Plinko, he managed to knock out three times in a row cell with the maximum winnings. His result has never been repeated before.

Stranger jackpot

Stranger jackpot

In 2020, an American player managed to hit the jackpot of the Plinko tournament, from one of the largest online casinos in the country. The jackpot amounted to more than 7 million dollars. What is the name of this player is unknown, as he asked the casino not to advertise his name.

Creating an online game Plinko

Creating an online game Plinko

The first to adapt the game Plinko, under the format of the casino, at the same time began two large companies’ developers Pragmatic Play and PG Soft.  Already in 18 years, their versions of the game were available on the main online platforms of the largest online casino operators. Later, and other developers were able to adapt the game Plinko, because of which players have a huge choice of versions of this game.

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Plinko Game Review: Entertaining Fun with Elements of Luck!

What is the game Plinko?

Plinko is an arcade game, the playing field of which is a vertical board with a number of nails or pins on which balls fall. At the bottom of the board are various winning cells with different prizes. By hitting these nails, the ball changes its direction and only luck will determine your winnings. Plinko began its journey as a popular American TV show “The Price is Right” and subsequently, after capturing the minds of TV viewers, it migrated to casino sites around the world.

How to play Plinko

In the classic Plinko game, which was shown on TV, the main task of the player was to guess the cell into which the ball would fall. The lower the chance of the ball hitting the cell, the higher the prize.

But when casino game developers saw the potential in this game, the cell function was modified, along with the adaptation to the online format. Now in each cell is not just a cash prize, but already a coefficient by which your bet is multiplied. And since the coefficient can not be less than 0.01, the RTP in Plinko has a high 99%.

The rules of the game remain the same, but the winning conditions have changed. In the first adaptation of this game, which you can still meet, the cell with the highest odds is located on the center, but the cell closer to the edge, the lower the winning odds.

But with the growing popularity of the game Plinko, a new version was released, where the most profitable cells are located on the edges, thus the number of profitable cells has increased. Added difficulty levels – depending on the selected level, the coefficients of winning on the edges increase, and in the center decreases. Also, as in the first variation, there is an opportunity to increase the number of rows with columns. More common is the range from 8 to 16, which increases the chance of deflection of the ball from the center, which is what the player needs for high winnings. Also increases the time of falling ball, which more stimulates the excitement of the player.

Some game-developers build into their game automatic mode. On it you can choose the size of the bet, the level of risk and the number of dropped balls. After entering these parameters, you just press start and watch the balls fall.

Plinko game strategies

There are no money-making tactics or strategies on how to win guaranteed in Plinko. This game is based on chance and luck. But there are certain tricks that are shared by experienced players, allowing you not to drain the deposit and always be in the plus.

Usually everyone independently develops his own particular strategy of the game, which brings him profit. But in order not to lose your money while searching, it is better to immediately use these tricks.

First strategy

To win with a good bet, you need to feed the game beforehand. First you need to bet the lowest possible bet and let the ball drop towards the cells. Usually three to six balls fall into the cells with low odds, which reduces our winnings.  Then, statistically, the ball falls into a high odds cell, which gives us a chance to make money.

After you have made low bets and hit the lowest odds several times, the probability of hitting the high odds cell increases. Your job is to feel and determine that this is the moment to raise the bet. When the high odds fall on a high bet, then players and repel all the spending on the minimum bets and get the winnings on top.

The main thing to remember is that if at the moment when you fed the game, on the minimum bet fell out a high coefficient, then your probability of getting into the cell with a big win is reset and you need to again make minimum bets. A mistake would be to increase your bet after a high odds fallout on the minimum bets.

Second strategy

The next trick is to determine the risk for the game. Most often, in the Plinko game, the level of risk is determined by the colors: green is the minimum risk, orange is medium risk and red is high risk.

Depending on the risk increases the coefficient of possible winnings on the extreme cells, but at the same time increases the number of cells with a minimum coefficient. Experienced players have determined by trial and error that when playing with maximum risk, the chance of losing is close to 99%. However, when hitting the edge cells with high odds, the winnings significantly cover the costs of previous attempts. The recommended risk level is medium, which strikes a balance between the number of losing cells and acceptable odds on winning cells.

This is where the trick lies – by knowing the first strategy, it becomes easier to win at Plinko casino. Players feed the game on a low risk mode with a minimum bet. And when the chance to rip off a score approaches, they increase the risk value to medium or high with an increase in the bet. This way they get a higher win rate by spending the same amount of money on trial bets.

How to recognize the risk of losing and stop in time

As in all gambling with increasing winnings increases the risk of loss. So, after you’ve made a score, it’s best to stop or reduce the level of risk and the amount of the bet, rather than chasing a new victory, thinking that you caught the luck by the tail.

In the same way, in case of a series of unsuccessful rounds, it is better to stop, get out of the game and try your luck later. Do not immediately try to win back your money if you are temporarily unlucky. Set yourself a limit, a stop line and stick to it to play Plinko responsibly and wisely.

How to start and where to play

Almost all official online casino sites have slots where you can play Plinko for real money and withdraw your winnings. Among the popular choices of players can be noted clubs 1Win, 1Xbet, PinUp, Plinko 777. Each casino has a license for gaming events, so you will not have to worry about difficulties with deposits and withdrawals. On our site you can find a rating of the best and popular types of Plinko, choose your favorite and register on the site that has this game.

Registration does not take much time. For it you need to fill in the following fields:

  • Phone number (not available at all clubs);
  • Email to receive news and bonus offers;
  • Make up a strong password.

After registration you will receive a registration confirmation code which you need to enter on the site. Having performed these actions, you will create a personal account in the chosen casino and you can start playing.

Download on Android and iPhone

With the transition of the game Plinko in the digital world, developers of different areas of gamification, began to adapt it to their platforms. You can easily download the Plinko app in the Play Market for Android games and in the App Store for iOS games.

The official sites of licensed casinos have adaptive mobile versions of their slots, which gives you the opportunity not to download anything to your smartphone or PC, but to play online in your browser. Plinko’s mobile apps retain all the functionality of the game and the features of the club where the game takes place. Such uncomplicated games help to easily pass the time on the road as a passenger, standing in line or just spend time at home with your phone in your hand.

Demo mode

On many platforms where you can play Plinko with withdrawal, there is an opportunity to play for free in demo mode for virtual currency. By playing Plinko for free you can determine your strategy for playing without using real money, or just to satisfy your excitement.

Demo mode is mainly used by professional players to study the behavior of the slot in a particular casino and practice the game without investing your own money. With demo version Plinko retains an important feature – the nature and behavior of the game does not differ in any way from the game for real money. Demo mode also allows you to decide on your own version of Plinko or easily familiarize yourself with the new version without spending any money. Since the game is produced not by one company, but several major developers, some versions may differ in settings and in the behavior of the game. Because of this, the same strategy in different clubs will work differently.

For fans of this game there are various opportunities to play both for money and for free, for an interesting pastime.

Bonus system

For players who decide to try their luck and play at Plinko for money, a great advantage will be the availability of various bonuses and promo codes, with the help of which you can increase your winnings and multiply the interest in the game.

Casinos with Plinko often offer their players welcome bonuses for registration and additional funds for making a deposit. On some platforms there is a cashback system and bonuses for regular players. To maximize your winnings, it is important to carefully study all the conditions for receiving and using bonuses. A full list of promotions and bonuses for playing at Plinko can be found in a separate table on this site.

Pros and Cons of Plinko Game


  • The main plus of the game can be called the simplicity of the game, which makes it accessible to all players.
  • The possibility to win big prizes without special skills and knowledge.
  • Fast speed of the game that you don’t need to spend a lot of time on.
  • A wide variety of variations of the game. Everyone will be able to find a suitable variant for themselves.


  • High excitement of the game, due to its dynamics and probability of winning, it sucks players in. So, you need to have high stamina to stop in time.
  • Large variety of variations of the game. Yes, this point is not only a plus, but also a minus, because you need to try a large number of variations of the game before you can find the one that will bring maximum pleasure from the game and allow you to win to the maximum.

Despite its ancient origins, the game continues to gain popularity. All because Plinko attracts people with its simplicity, excitement and unpredictability. Unlike other games there are simple mechanics that do not require knowledge of certain combinations or counting moves. The ability to win prizes effortlessly makes it popular with a diverse audience, from casino players to families looking for weekend fun.


Plinko is a fun arcade game that can be a great way to pass the time and maybe win some prizes along the way.

The game combines the possibility of giving yourself to luck, just throwing balls in the hope of a good score and the possibility of a strategic game, where thanks to calculations and a little bit of luck you can pull off a bigger score. The main thing is to stop in time, so that each session of your game was only a plus.

Can I influence the trajectory of the ball in the online game Plinko in any way?

In the online game Plinko, the trajectory of the ball cannot be changed manually, it is determined solely by the impact on the obstacle, so players can not influence it. This is a game of pure luck, where the result is completely dependent on chance.

What are the odds of winning at Plinko and what factors might affect my chances of success?

The probability of winning Plinko depends on the level of difficulty and the number of balls released by the player. Factors that can affect the odds of success include the number of balls released per game and the player's luck.

Is there an optimal strategy for playing Plinko that can help maximize my chances of winning?

Depending on the version of the game, a different strategy may be suitable for it. Since it is a game of luck, one player may be lucky with one strategy, while another player may be lucky with a completely different strategy.

How can you minimize the risks of playing Plinko?

To reduce your risks, you need to set limits on the time of the game and on your budget. It's easy enough to stick to them, and the main thing to remember when to stop. Especially if you are unlucky in the last rounds.


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